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The meaning of the Cowrie Shell

Rouxmia Bougas Bohemian Boho Chic Meanings Symbols

This is a tale of a little shell that is used as money, a compliment and a way to gaze into the future. The popular cowrie shell has many uses and meanings. It has shown up in the form of money, jewelry, and religious accessories in almost every part of the world. Found in the islands of the Indian Ocean, the cowrie shell soon gained popularity throughout much of ancient Africa. Many historians believe the Cowrie shell was one of the first systems of money used.Fertility, ease of use, and many blessings can be found in this little package. These...

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Spicy Boho Bridesmaids

Rouxmia Bougas Bohemian Boho Chic Bridesmaids

Wondering how to style your bridesmaids for a winter or autumn wedding? With Samantha Clifton on photography, Flowers in the Foyer handling the flowers and Marnel Toerien styling hair and make up, this combination brought to life a palette of warm spicy colors: “Paired with gold accessories, this combination makes you dream of exotic nights under the stars dancing around magnificent desert fires.” Winter weddings can be just as fun as summer weddings! Long sleeve dresses are so elegant and to style them with bling can be tricky. Depending on your color scheme and theme, you should definitely keep it simple. You can go with flower...

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Boho Chic Bridesmaids

Rouxmia Bougas Bohemian Boho Chic Bridal Bridesmaids Shoots

Style your girls to be the ultimate boho chic bridesmaids! Today Romeo Foxtrot and fashion designer Jacoba Clothing shows us how to mix and match elegant bridesmaid gowns with feminine boho chic accessories.  “Bohemian wedding chic has been one of the most popular wedding styles for the last season and is expected to be even more popular for the next season,” shares Jacoba Clothing. Bohemian Chic Accessories: When it comes to bohemian style weddings, you can have so much fun with accessories! The variety is endless. My favorite accessories for bridesmaids are definitely our handmade flower crowns. They are a sure hit and gives...

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