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Romeo Foxtrot Studio: Conroy's 6th birthday party

Rouxmia Bougas Romeo Foxtrot Studio


 One of my favorite studio sessions to date! Not only was it my favorite little boy in the worlds 6th birthday party, but it was boys and girls mixed! The boys almost enjoyed it more than the girls and it was amazing to work with both groups! 

I started with the girls first while the boys were occupied with another activity outside and we got started with of course pinks, purples and orange!

I decided since it was a very young big group of kids, to leave the pliers at home and let them design their own Troll Bead Bracelet that is easily worn by stretching it over the hand. No clasp drama!

They had the choice between a hello kitty, lady bug, starfish, rosebud or anchor.

 Since I wanted them to take home something gorgeous I gave them the options of color coordinating each bracelet and assisted them in counting the beads right! My mother always used to 'cry' when I came home from somewhere with an ugly piece of art (which I was very proud of at the time) and refused that she threw it away or let her call it junk! So even though I am not yet a mother of human kids yet, I do feel for all the moms out there!

 We had elastic thread, crystals, matte glass beads, silver spacers, you name it!


The girls got really creative with rainbow colors and took their time to create the perfect bracelet to suit their personality. Some are of course faster than others, but what I love about our studio sessions is, they help and teach each other which makes this a fantastic group activity. 


Aren't they all just the most gorgeous young ladies! 

And then it was the boys turn! The girls headed outside for some outdoor play time while I rounded up the 9 boys!

Junior is a regular :) look at his cool anchor bracelet that he made last time!


We all had a lot of fun! A lot of little jewelry designers in the making :)



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